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Welcome to our movie campaign sponsorship page for donations to go towards the making and promotions for the movie title "Rough Patch~Twisted Fate"

Thank you for your donations towards the cause to create this filming master piece that will change lives by the compelling heart of the story.

Let us share with you the base of the movie in title and its story.

The base of the movie is simple, it's a way to give hope to the hopeless and heart to the helpless. Each day as we live our life we encounter someone who speaks value in our life. Sometimes it goes unrecognized but it changes us for a life time. It's an experience we never forget. A word of kindness or an act of truth that changes us mentally and emotionally.

Rough Patch~Twisted Fate is a story told from the eyes of a young girl name Frances who is forced to be groomed by life experiences. She is on a search for self and who she desires to become.

Her journey educates her spiritually but it also builds a unique strength in her, taking her from a childlike mindset to maturity through the each human encounter. Her search is for love and the feeling of value. Her journey takes her through different types of love.

Love that leads to heartbreak.

Love that gives you a new perspective

Love that connects you to something undeniable and that is TRUTH and WORTH.

Along this journey, betrayal becomes a source that leads down a road of unexpected life events that changes the pyridine of life. Yes, it is compelling but it is also a learning experience for those seeking. But, in a way aren't we all seeking?


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